Norman Philharmonic
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Up next: “Meet the Composer — James Oliverio,” taking place Jan. 18, and our Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration with the music of James Oliverio, taking place at 3 p.m. Monday, Jan. 21. at Catlett Music Center.

Norman Philharmonic


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About Us: Purpose & Vision

The Norman Philharmonic is an innovative and standard-setting chamber orchestra performing a variety of music, from classical to jazz to contemporary.

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Dr. Richard Zielinski

Richard Zielinski (Dr. Z), music and artistic director of the Norman Philharmonic, has conducted orchestras, choruses and stage productions throughout Europe, Asia and North America for the past 25 years.


Photo & Video Gallery

Browse dozens of photos and videos of Norman Philharmonic performances.

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Marion & Dianne Bauman
chuck & gina thompson | lydia barrett & richard denney
Stan & Sharon Bauman | matt & Nicole Van Every
Kathy and Harold Heiple | bob & carol warner
barry switzer | Susan springfield | jerry neil smith
karl & sandra hook | don & margaret pape
chintan & shrilekha pariskh

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