About us

Purpose & Vision


In an era when orchestras across America are struggling for survival, The Norman Philharmonic and the City of Norman, Oklahoma will present a variety of wonderfully imaginative concerts. 

Our Goals

We strive to provide a platform to deliver essential and meaningful musical experiences to local, national, and international communities by: 1) performing a variety of music, from classical to contemporary; 2) commissioning new works from American composers; 3) establishing excellence in the arts; and 4) exciting youth about music through educational outreach.

According to the report, "Arts Participation 2008: Highlights from a National Survey," attendance at non-musical plays, opera, and jazz concerts has fallen to its lowest level since 1982, the first year of the survey. Over that period of time, the fine arts and the humanities have also drawn special scrutiny in the ongoing debate over the national debt, with many characterizing them as frivolous luxuries, or even attacking them as elitist. Indeed, bills introduced in Congress this year propose either severe cuts to the budgets of the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities, or their elimination.

Many reasons can be cited for the decline of public interest in supporting and participating in the arts and humanities, but we do not need a survey to tell us that traditional methods of teaching, performance and presentation no longer capture the interest of a public that has access to streaming media on their phones and 3D movies with surround-sound via their home theaters. We must define a new approach to presenting music that can spark public interest and bring people back to church, theaters and performance halls.

The Norman Philharmonic's innovative approach to music combined with existing music festivals, the OU Arts district and the Sooner Theater will foster growth in education and business both in Norman and the surrounding communities.